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Donaldson Liquid Filtration

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Donaldson Steam Filtration

Compressed Air and Gas

Compressed air is a common energy source in manufacturing plants, but compression increases the density of contaminants. Filter Products Company can help you minimize contamination problems by using high-quality Donaldson products. We carry filter elements, housings, dryers, and condensate management systems to preserve and optimize your compressed air process. We also supply sterile air equipment for applications where air purity is critical.


Donaldson compressed air filter housings
Donaldson liquid process filter elements


Applications for Donaldson’s high-quality liquid filters range from industrial utility water to sterile ingredient water. With a spectrum of filter elements from sterile-grade polypropylene to high-temperature stainless steel, FPC can help you find the filtration products for your needs.



Donaldson’s steam filtration products come in multiple types of high-quality stainless steel. Filter Products Company supplies these filter elements and housings for your industrial, culinary, clean, or sterile steam applications. For compatibility, we also offer various connection options and competitive fit filters. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Donaldson steam filtration products
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Please contact us for pricing and availability. Filter Products Company is an authorized Donaldson Process Filtration partner, and our friendly staff is standing by to assist you.


Filter Products Company is proud to offer high-quality filtration and purification products by Donaldson. Their facilities have accumulated multiple quality credentials, including ISO 9001 and TS 16949, and many of their filter housings we offer are 3-A certified.


Donaldson is always developing next generation products to solve tomorrow’s complex filtration and contamination control challenges. Contact Filter Products Company for innovative solutions that anticipate and exceed evolving industry requirements.


Drawing from 100 years of filtration experience, Donaldson produces high-quality filters, housing, and other equipment for steam, liquid, and compressed air and gas applications. Contact Filter Products Company for pricing and availability for some of the best filtration solutions in the indusry.