Markets Served

Filter Products Company specializes in protecting your valuable capital equipment, work environments, and products by providing exceptional filtration and lubrication solutions to the following market segments:

More Segments

Contact us for more on what we can offer in these areas:

  • Process Water
  • Electrohydraulic (EHC) Fluid Management Systems
  • Pulp, Paper & Forest Products
  • Power Generation Turbines & Sub-Systems
  • Petrochemical Processing & Storage
  • Portable Filtration Equipment
  • Paint & Ink Production
  • Printing Processes
  • Stationary Engine & Powertrain Systems
  • Industrial Induction
  • Industrial Exhaust & Bag House Filtration
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Potable Water, Soft Drinks
  • Pharmaceutical Development & Production
  • Marine Vessel Air Quality
  • Commercial & Industrial HVAC
  • LEED Certification Solutions

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