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Interest in medicinal uses for Cannabidiol (CBD) in neuroprotection, seizure suppression, anxiety mitigation, and chronic pain management has led to increased legalization of hemp and cannabis agriculture and processing. In turn, effective, application-specific filtration media and equipment expertise are in high demand.

What We Offer

Filter Products Company has provided technical consultation, product development, and filtration solutions to customers that are producing equipment for this rapidly developing industry, as well as the licensed producers of CBD and other essential oils.

Our essential oils customer base uses all of the established solvents, including ethanol, butane (BHO), propane (PHO), and CO2 (SCFE), medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oils, as well as solvent-based and solvent-free extraction methods that are in development for commercial-scale application.

We can provide complete filtration systems, including:

  • Biomass containment bags used in the first stage of extraction and centrifugation for bulk plant matter retention (50- to 200-micron)
  • Coarse filtration bags and housings for capturing plant residue (10- to 100-micron)
  • Bulk filtration aids including loose activated carbons, diatomaceous earth and perlite
  • Fine filtration (0.45- to 10-micron) systems
  • Polishing filtration (0.30- to 3-micron) systems
  • Activated carbon filtration elements for color correction, impurity stripping, and odor mitigation, available in several grades

Please see the case studies below for examples of how Filter Products Company has helped customers in the hemp and cannabis extraction industry increase process efficiency and throughput, as well as reduce down-time and operational cost. Customer names are sometimes not mentioned to maintain confidentiality but we will be happy to discuss details and provide references when you call.

Whether you are processing 50 gallons or 5,000 gallons of extract per day, Filter Products Company can deliver a filtration solution for you. Contact us today to discuss your filtration needs.

Case Studies & Articles

CBD Filtration Systems Design Guidelines and Consulting

This article discusses general guidelines and procedures FPC recommends for post-extraction filtration. Best practices for filtration following ethanol, hydrocarbon, CO2, and MCT extraction techniques are covered.

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FPC Creates Cryogenic Filter Bag for Pinnacle Stainless

Pinnacle Stainless needed a strainer that could withstand the cryogenic environment of their process reactors, but the limitations of stainless steel mesh made it unsuitable for their applications. Filter Products Company delivered.

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FPC Enhances Post-Extraction Filtration System

A BHO processor’s brand new filtration system was experiencing significant down-time, and sometimes failing and letting unfiltered feed stock through. Filter Products Company took on the challenge.

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