This section provides an overview of the custom filter bag product development process at Filter Products Company. Please contact us to get started.

Step 1: Customer Inquiry

FPC receives customer’s inquiry.

Customers are encouraged to provide photos, sketches, technical drawings, or any other pertinent information.


Step 2: Determine Requirements (1-2 weeks)

FPC calls the customer to understand the specific application and requirements, including:

  • Composition of the substances being filtered
  • Materials of construction requirements
  • Problems encountered with the existing process
  • Existing supply chain concerns and requirements
  • Project time-frame or timing requirements
  • Estimated usage, by quarter
  • Price constraints

If the customer is already using a bag filter, FPC may request a sample to serve as the starting point, even if significant design changes are required.


Step 3: Build and Ship Prototype (3 days)

FPC will produce a sample product for the customer to validate form, fit and/or function.

When full prototyping is not practical, material samples, smaller versions, or ‘similar to’ samples may be provided.


Step 4: Iterative Product Testing (1-2 months)

  • Customer tests prototype (or sample).
  • FPC reviews performance characteristics with customer.
  • Any necessary design changes are incorporated into the design, taking cost, quality and timing considerations into account.
  • Samples of the revised design are provided to the customer for testing.

This iterative process can take 1 to 2 months, and certain cases may include a site visit.


Step 5: Quote and Production Run (1 month)

  • A quote is prepared based on the results of the test and development process.
  • Production begins after FPC receives final design approval and a purchase order from the customer.
  • Standard lead-time for hundreds or thousands of pieces is one-month.
  • Large and perpetual orders will be broken into standard-size releases under the customer’s direction.