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FPC Brand Products

Filter Products Company supplies standard trade-size bags in both woven and felt media. We also manufacture custom filter bags for a wide variety of industry applications.


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Woven Bags – Nylon & Polyester

Our woven media bags (or mesh media bags) come in two types: NMO (nylon monofilament) and PEMU (polyester multifilament). We offer them in micron ratings as high as 600 microns, and we offer ratings 25 microns and below with no minimum order quantity.

  • Superior dirt release compared to felt media. They can be washed and reused numerous times.
  • A smart choice for surface retention filtration.
  • Economical removal of non-deformable contaminates.
  • Higher flow rates.

Felt Bags – Polyester & Polypropylene

Felt media bags operate on the principle of depth filtration. Our felt bags comes in two types: PES (polyester felt) and POG (polypropylene felt).

  • Superior dirt-holding capacity compared to woven bags.
  • Can retain both gelatinous and non-deformable solids.
  • Effective capture of lightweight particles.
  • While disposable, these bags can also provide limited reusability with backflushing.
  • Inexpensive even for ratings 25 microns and below.

Pall – FSI Filter Bag Replacements

Effective the fourth quarter of 2020 Pall Corporation has discontinued many of the Pall Filtration and FSI (Filtration Specialist, Inc) bag filter housings, consumable filter bag and filter cartridges.

Filter Products Company, in conjunction with our partner manufacturers, are ready to help you keep your existing Pall and FSI equipment online by continuing to provide replacement filter bags and elements for this equipment.

Custom Filter Bags – Delta CUP 15 and CUP 30 Bags

We make custom filter bags designed to fit Delta Separations CUP 15 and CUP 30 extraction centrifuges.

  • Customizable micron rating (from 55 to 200 microns)
  • 75 micron version is a suitable replacement for OEM Delta Separations bags
  • Designed to fit the popular CUP-15 and CUP-30 centrifuges by Delta Separations
  • Nylon Mesh material for the top and sides, with handles made of woven polypropylene

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