HILCO Filtration by Hilliard

HILCO Filtration Filter Products Company provides HILCO filter housings as excellently engineered additions to optimize your process.

We offer liquid, gas, and process filter systems in simplex and duplex configurations, as well as the option of custom systems designed for your individual requirements.

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Filter Elements

Filter Products Company provides high-quality filter elements by HILCO, the filtration division of Hilliard. Our offerings include a broad range of filters for fuel and liquid applications, as well as a selection of elements for air and technical gasses. Anti-static and competitive fit variants are also available.

HILCO Filter Cartridges

Filter Housings

HILCO is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of filter housings, filtration equipment, and filter media. Filter Products Company offers liquid, gas, and process filter systems by HILCO in simplex and duplex configurations, as well as custom systems designed for your precise requirements.

Oil Mist Eliminators

HILCO oil mist eliminators help facilities comply with environmental regulations by preventing oil mist from contaminating air or soil. They also create safer work environments by eliminating oily build-up on floors and other surfaces, while improving air quality and reducing fire hazards. We offer a blower-assisted variant for oil systems where back pressure is not desirable, as well as oil mist eliminators custom-sized for your system.

Oil Mist Eliminators
Oil Mist Eliminators for Compressors
Vent Mist Eliminators

HILCO blower-assisted oil mist eliminator
HILCO ball valves

Transfer Valves

HILCO transfer valves are available in standard and split variations, and each variation is available in three configurations: three-way, six-port (same side and opposite side), and split three-way.

While transfer valves are limited to liquid service, three-way and six-way ball valves provide seals meeting API-598 Class II for liquid service and ANSI FC170-2 Class VI for gas service. They are available in Carbon Steel and 316 Stainless Steel and come standard with PEEK seats and Viton O-Rings.

Transfer Valves

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