Kleen-Gard Filters

Filter Products Company offers two types of Kleen-Gard Filters:

Kleen-Gard Baffle Filters help with kitchen ventilation and fire prevention. They come in gleaming aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. Cleaning and reusing the filters is easy with hot water and dish soap.

Kleen-Gard High Efficiency Air Filters take baffle filters to the next level by incorporating a second, inner frame of baffles. They increase existing range hood grease removal efficiency to over 80% of particles sized 8.5 microns or higher. Available in aluminum and stainless steel, these filters can handle a wider range of applications than standard Kleen-Gard filters, including charbroiling, fryers, combination gas ovens, griddles, and upright broilers.

Like other Kleen-Gard filters, HE filters are washable with hot water and dish soap, come with built-in bottom hanging hooks, and optionally include snap-in handles.

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