Maradyne Fluid Power Group logo Filter Products Company offers a complete selection of reliable hydraulic system components from Filtration Products Corporation (a division of Maradyne). This product portfolio spans all the accessories required on any hydraulic circuit, including gear pumps, filters and assemblies, ball valves, pipe clamps, breathers, strainers, flow controls and specialty valves, gauges, indicators, and off-the-shelf and made-to-order reservoirs.

A clean hydraulic system is a must for efficient and cost effective fluid power. To meet the demanding needs of today’s hydraulic systems, we supply filter units and strainers with filtration ratings from 3 to 262 microns, flow ratings up to 150 GPM, and operating pressures up to 3000 PSI. We also offer vacuum, pressure, and differential indicators to monitor the condition of your system. From the reservoir to the return line, our products are field proven over four decades of use.

Some of our most popular Maradyne products are available for online purchase below. Contact us for an even greater selection, such as popular suction strainer models SE10-100, SE10-100RB3, SC20-100, ST08-200, and SE75-100.

You can also contact us for discounts on bulk orders.

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