Liquid and Gas Filter Housings

FPC Liquid and Gas Filter Housings An economical, high quality line of liquid and gas filter housings.

Process Filter Elements

  • FPC PES-BEV FPC polyethersulfone beverage grade membrane filter. 0.2 and 0.45 micron ratings available. Developed especially as a final filter for fruit juice. FDA approved.
  • FPC PP (QMC) FPC polypropylene depth cartridge. 0.1 micron to 10 micron ratings available.
  • FPC GFC FPC pleated glass cartridge.
  • FPC PLT Economically priced, absolute rated FPC pleated polypropylene or polyester filter cartridges.

Compressed Air Filters and Air/Oil Separators

We offer a wide range of compressed air filters and air/oil separators designed to offer incredible performance at unbeatable prices.

Hydraulic Filters

  • Water Removal Filters Spin-on and cartridge style filters designed for the removal of water from hydraulic systems
  • Dualglass media Specifications and benefits of the dualglass media.

Liquid Bag Filters

  • Tie-On Bag Filters Designed specifically for use on off-the-pipe filtration. No filter housing required!

Other Miscellaneous Filters

  • TAF automatic filter Self-cleaning plastic filters for flow rates up to 220 gpm
  • SAF automatic filter Self-cleaning heavier duty filters for flow rates from 220 to 1760 gpm
  • IL Inline Filters High-pressure inline filters rated at up to 3000 psi. The high quality pleated, reinforced replacement elements have standard micron ratings from 3 microns to 238 microns, and some are cleanable for multiple uses.
  • Portable Filtration Units Portable filtration to help clean up waste oil and waste water so that it can be pumped into a tank for storage.
  • 43AB10AC030 Vent Activated carbon plumbing vent for removal of odors from sewer or septic lines. Other sizes available upon request.