The SAF filters are sophisticated, yet easy to operate automatic filters, with a self cleaning mechanism driven by an electric motor.
They are designed to work with various types of screens, in filtration degrees from 500 to 10 micron, and is available 1n 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ inlet/outlet diameter

The water enters through the inlet pipe into the coarse screen from outside in, and through the fine screen from inside out. The Filtration Cake accumulates on the fine screen surface and causes head loss to develop.
The coarse screen is designed to protect the cleaning mechanism from large dirt particles.

The SAF filter starts the self cleaning process when the pressure differential across the screen reaches a pre-set value or a predetermined lapse of time.

Cleaning of the  filter element is carried out by the suction scanner which rotates in a spiral movement while removing the filtration cake from the screen and expels it out through the exhaust valve. during the self-cleaning process, which takes approximately 40 seconds, filtered water continues to flow downstream.

Two types of control boards are available for the SAF filter, PLC type and Relay type enable you to choose:

  • Flushing according to pressure differential and/or time.
  • continuous flushing.
  • flushing counter.
  • An alarm or alternative reaction in malfunction mode.

Why should I choose to work with it?

  • Large filter.
  • Reliable operation mechanism.
  • Simple construction.
  • Ideal solution for filtration of low quality water.
  • Minimal flushing flow rate required
  • Minimal quantities of flushing water – allows operation in continuous flushing mode without losing much water, or interrupting the water supply downstream.