Osmonics is committed to helping industrial, institutional and commercial customers worldwide ensure fluid purity in their products and processes. Founded in 1969, they pioneered the commercial development of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technologies. Since then, they have steadily expanded their ability to manufacture membranes, products and equipment to meet any fluid purification, separation or handling requirement.

Today, Osmonics provides a breadth of products and services for the Industrial Processing and Power, Potable Water, Health Care, Food, and Electronics Manufacturing markets.

Depth Filters

  • Selex Depth Filters Absolute-rated with sharp cut-offs the Selex is a high precision, graded density cartridge filter on the leading edge of depth filter technology.
  • Hytrex Depth Filters The industry leader with high efficiency and dirt-holding capacity.
  • Purtrex Depth Filters Pure polypropylene depth filter with exceptional dirt-holding capability.

Pleated Filters

Memtrex Pleated Membrane Filters

Flotrex Pleated Microfiber Filters

Other items:


  • Industrial and Sanitary Grade Cartridge Housings
  • Spiraltex Rolled Filters
  • Lab Products
  • RO Membranes
  • Flotrex™-GF Filters Glass Microfiber Glass microfiber filter designed for prefiltration. Nominal micron ratings: 0.45, 1.0, 3.0 µm.
  • Flotrex™-HR Filters Fluoropolymer Microfiber Designed especially for ozonated water applications, the Osmonics® Flotrex-HR (FHR) filter is ideal for pharmaceutical and beverage applications utilizing this water treatment technology. Absolute micron ratings: 3.0, 10.0, and 25.0 µm.