• Ultrafine fiberglass pockets bonded and sealed to J-channel support frames
  • Full usage of media, consistent dust holding, low air flow resistance
  • Various efficiencies, sizes, capacities

Xl series cartridge Filters 

  • Deep pleated, pre-formed cartridge air filters
  • Nonwoven cotton/polyester or ultra-fine fiberglass media
  • Four efficiencies, five sizes, three capacities


  • No need for retainers or special supports
  • Ideal for variable air volume environments
  • Ultra fine fiberglass media
  • 50%, 60%, 85%, 95% efficiencies

Free Flo MP4

  • High efficiency filtration performance, lightweight materials, industrial strength construction
  • Reduces storage and freight costs
  • Quality and performance of 6” and 12” rigid box metal filters

FACET Free Flo

  • Extended surface filter tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.1
  • No need for retainers or special supports
  • Performs in conditions of high humidity, turbulent airflow, elevated operating temperatures

Micro Air HEPA Filters

  • High efficiency aluminum separator style filter
  • 95%, 99.97%. 99.99% efficient on .3 micron
  • Continuous sheet of non-combustible, waterproof, microfiberglass
  • Frames: galvanized steel, stainless steel, plywood, particle board