Facet-Aire 3 and 2F

  • Innovative Monobond frame reduces shipping costs and warehouse space
  • Superior grade fiberglass media    guarantees full depth loading and high dust holding capacity.
  • Evenly coated with a gelled adhesive
  • Scrim backing for  support and safe installation

Polyfiber Disposable Panel Filters

  • Perform well in areas of high lint and dust content
  • High velocity system prefilter
  • Monobond frame option for warehouse and freight costs savings
  • Ideal for residential, commercial or light industrial use


  • Residential/Commercial use
  • Triple stage filter approaches pleat efficiency
  • Fiberglass and polyester media
  • * Captures dust, lint, pollen, pet hair, dander
  • Affordable pricing

Dual Stage Filters

  • Stage 1: Glass fibers collect larger particles and lint
  • Stage 2: Dry media prevents particle migration and arrests fine contaminants

High Arrestance

  • Special high loft fiberglass and strainer mat
  • Superior filtration for heavy industrial requirements
  • Excellent pre-filter

Paper and Paint Arrestors

  • Designed to simplify maintenance/cleanliness of paint booths.
  • Fiberglass media or paper available
  • Entire pad is utilized eliminating splatter and release of contaminants

Bulk Fiberglass Media

  • Utility glass for light industrial, commercial, and residential use
  • Blue laminated glass for heavy industrial and commercial applications
  • Window unit glass
  • Paint arrestor glass for paint overspray in air exhaust systems
  • Blue tint on air entering side for proper installation

Pad & Frame System

  • Simple to use
  • 18 gauge construction for heavy duty use
  • Long service life
  • Maintenance free
  • Various pad sizes and materials


  • Synthetic | Foam | Fiberglass | Aluminum Pads
  • Fits virtually all window air conditioning units
  • Easy installation/convenient disposal
  • Washable/reusable (except fiberglass)

Automatic Roll

  • Perfect for a higher standard of cleanliness: kitchens, cafeterias, computer bank rooms, etc.
  • For use with AAF Roll-O-Matic, Continental Conomatic, Farr Roll-Kleen, Cambridge Electro-Aire, and Trane Equipment
  • Fiberglass or synthetic
  • Includes five foot double stitched Kraft paper leader and trailer: easy handling, installation, and clean up.

Hogshair rolls

  • Strong, course natural fibers requiring no frame
  • Latex coated with scrim back
  • Wash or vacuum to clean
  • Trim to fit with household scissors
  • Excellent on heavy lint concentrations

Metal Filters

  • Heavy-duty, multi-velocity air filters
  • Galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Washable for years of efficient use and cost effectiveness