FME 40/FMEX 40/FME 40 SP

  • Self-supporting, extended surface, pleated air filter
  • Airflow capacity up to 625 FPM
  • Provides higher degree of cleanliness


  • Dual filtration- particulate and odor adsorption
  • Economical alternative for controlling gas/vapor contamination
  • Non-toxic, non-migrating carbon
  • Easy to handle and install; disposable

Mono Pleat 

  • Economical, high capacity replacement for 1” disposable panel
  • One-piece wrap around chip board frame
  • Residential, commercial, light industrial use

Class I Pleat/High Temp Pleats 

  • Class 1 Pleat: U.L. tested and approved  Class 1 filter
  • Hi-Temp: Constructed to oprete at 400ºF continuously and 450ºF for short intervals

Purolator 2000

  • Replacement filter for home heating/air cooling system cleaners: Research Products Corp. Space-Gard, Trion’s Air Bear
  • Reduces dust accumulation, allergy causing irritants, greasy and oily buildup
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Micro Pleat Gold 

  • Microfiberglass pleated filter
  • Unique heat set backing – NO expanded metal
  • Incinerable disposal
  • rated MERV 8 when tested in accordance with pproposed ASHRAE Standard 52.2 P.

Cap Filter, Flo Filter, Cube Filter

  • Cap: 1 ply, 2 ply synthetic media and Type G fiberglass media
  • Flo: Fiberglass media; type S polyester media
  • Cube:


  • Double layer of polyester media with tackifier on downstream side increases dirt holding capacity, prevents fiber migration
  • RF2S:  Single ply filter used where filters are changed at frequent intervals

Internal Support Panel/Links

  • Designed for applications where high humidity or varying temperature conditions exist
  • Greater than 20% filtration efficiency based on testing in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.1 guidelines.
  • Excellent pre-filter for higher efficiency bag and box filters
  • Synthetic fibers deter microbial growth
  • ISP Links eliminate air bypass
  • Odorless, non-migrating, non-evaporating tackifier applied to each 3 ply model

Automatic Roll

  • Perfect for a higher standard of cleanliness: kitchens, cafeterias, computer bank rooms, etc.
  • For use with AAF Roll-O-Matic, Continental Conomatic, Farr Roll-Kleen, Cambridge Electro-Aire, and Trane Equipment
  • Fiberglass or synthetic
  • Includes five foot double stitched Kraft paper leader and trailer: easy handling, installation, and clean up.

Hogshair rolls

  • Strong, course natural fibers requiring no frame
  • Latex coated with scrim back
  • Wash or vacuum to clean
  • Trim to fit with household scissors
  • Excellent on heavy lint concentrations

Metal Filters

  • Heavy-duty, multi-velocity air filters
  • Galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Washable for years of efficient use and cost effectiveness