Research Products Corporation

Fresh, pure air became the top concern of Research Products Corporation over 60 years ago. Thats when they first began to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute quality products which improve the environment by conditioning the air in homes throughout North America.

Research Products has a wide range of products available for residential and commercial use. Here are just a few:

  • EZ-Kleen 1" standard mesh air filter

    EZ Kleen® Standard Mesh Filters (case of 6)

  • Kleen-Gard 2" Aluminum Baffle Filter

    Kleen-Gard® Baffle Hood Filter (case of 6)

  • Kleen-Gard 2" Stainless Steel High Efficiency Baffle Filter

    Kleen-Gard® HE Baffle Hood Filter (case of 6)

  • Research Products Super Filter Coat Spray

    Research Products Super Filter Coat Adhesive

Additional and Custom Products
We also offer EZ Kleen Mesh Filters in custom sizes, as well as Research Products lint filters and ColMet RP Paint Arrestors. Please contact us so that we can assist you in choosing the right ones for your application.