Product Overview :

Improve performance and economics by using Whatman¨ filters in your Steris Machines. Whatman offers high performance replacement filters.

Whatman replacement ÒAÓ and ÒBÓ filters are made of biosafe, FDA- approved materials and do not add any contaminants to the system. These high performance filters give exceptional protection to the ÒFinal Sterile Filter.Ó

You can get the same reliable performance from your Steris Machine and improved economics now with Whatman replacement filters.

  • High filtration efficiency
  • Multiple layers of graded density media in ÒAÓ filter gives long life
  • Track-etch sieving membrane in ÒBÓ filter provides precise, predictable contaminant removal
  • Membrane filterÕs retention is unaffected by pressure and flow fluctuations
  • Made using a clean manufacturing process with no solvents or adhesives
  • Non-fiber releasing filter
  • Materials of construction meet FDA standards
  • Filter is non-pyrogenic and non-cyctotoxic