Custom Manufactured Liquid Filtration Bags

Custom-Made. Done Well. Done Fast.

Filter Products Company is your single source for custom-manufactured liquid filtration bags of all types, as well as expert assistance to design a filtration solution for your precise needs. Whether you are looking for one thousand or one million custom filter bags per year, Filter Products Company is here to assist you. Our technical expertise and manufacturing excellence assures top quality and value for you and your end user customer.

In addition to filtration media that are appropriate for industrial and petrochemical applications, we also offer a full line of materials that meet FDA guidelines under 21 CFR 170.39 for direct contact with food, beverage, and potable water applications. We can utilize these filtration materials to manufacture a filter or strainer to your exact specifications.

FPC custom manufactured bag filters







Why Us?

  • Experts in strainer bag and filter design and engineering
  • Exceptional quality
  • Quick and responsive service; proudly serving customers for over 50 years
  • Competitive prices
  • Made in the USA

Case Study

A cheese plant’s bag filters were slowing production. Filter Products Company designed a solution that increased line productivity and lowered operating costs.
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Custom Options

Construction Materials

  • Multifilament and Monofilaments
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Nomex
  • Teflon

Ring/Top Options

  • Drawstring
  • Elastic
  • Carbon Steel Rings
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Plastic Flanges
  • Plastic Rings

View Mesh Size Conversion Chart

No. 4000.00150.03737
No. 3250.00170.04444
No. 2700.00210.05353
No. 2300.00250.06363
No. 2000.00290.07474
No. 1700.00350.08888
No. 1400.00410.105105
No. 1200.00490.125105
No. 1000.00590.149149
No. 800.0070.177177
No. 700.00830.21210
No. 600.00980.25250
No. 500.01170.297297
No. 450.01390.354354
No. 400.01650.42420
No. 350.01970.5500
No. 300.02340.595595
No. 250.02780.707707
No. 200.03310.841841
No. 180.039411000
No. 160.04691.191190
No. 140.05551.411410
No. 120.06611.681680
No. 100.075722000
No. 80.09372.382380
No. 70.1112.832830
No. 60.1323.363360
No. 50.15744000
No. 40.1874.764760
No. 3 1/20.2235.665660
1/4 in.0.256.356350
0.265 in.0.2656.736730
5/16 in.0.31288000
3/8 in.0.3759.519510
7/16 in.0.43811.211200
1/2 in.0.512.712700

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