Custom Manufactured Liquid Filtration Bags

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At Filter Products Company, we deliver hundreds of thousands of filter bags annually for industries like food, beverages, and essential oil extraction. Typical customer requests are in the range of 1,000 to 100,000 bags per year. In addition to filtration media for industrial and petrochemical applications, we also offer a full line of materials that meet FDA guidelines under 21 CFR 170.39 for direct contact with food, beverage, and potable water applications.

Our technical expertise and manufacturing excellence ensures that we design a filtration solution that meets your precise needs.

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Delta CUP-15 and CUP-30 Bags

We make custom filter bags designed to fit Delta Separations CUP-15 and CUP-30 extraction centrifuges.


  • Customizable micron rating (from 55 to 200 microns)
  • 75 micron version is a suitable replacement for OEM Delta Separations bags
  • Designed to fit the popular CUP-15 and CUP-30 centrifuges by Delta Separations

Materials of Construction

  • Top: Nylon Mesh
  • Sides: Nylon Mesh
  • Handles: Woven Polypropylene

FPC custom standard bags

Standard Bags

Flat, sock, or standard filter bags are used in a wide variety of applications from petroleum to the food and beverage industries.

These bags are cost effective due to their simple design. Most bags are single use, but we also manufacture reusable bags.

Typical order volumes are 500 to 10,000 bags.

FPC custom flat-bottom bags

Flat Bottom Bags

Cylinder or flat bottom bags are another common design that could be a better fit for your equipment and application.

Since chemical compatibility is an important consideration in the unique applications that these bags serve, we offer a wide variety of materials such as the following:

  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Nomex
  • More upon special request

FPC custom specialized bags

Custom Filter Bags

We are experts in making highly unique and specialized bags for any industry or application.

We employ a wide variety of closures depending on the specific application, and commonly use zippers, drawstrings, hook and loop, and rigid rings.





Essential Oils



Why Us?

  • Experts in designing custom filtration bags and systems – Our team has extensive experience in strainer bag and filter design and engineering.
  • Extremely responsive service and quick turnaround times We take the time to understand your filtration application and then work with our suppliers to design a custom bag for you. Once you receive the sample bags and test them, we work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. The majority of our customers are repeat buyers, a testament to our dedication to service and quality.
  • Exceptional Quality – Filter Products Company has an established track record of providing quality products and service to our customers.
  • Competitive Prices – We offer competitive prices for quality products.
  • Made in the USA – Since we manufacture in the US, we are responsive and flexible, with shorter lead times than overseas companies.

Case Studies

FPC Redesigns Coffee Filter Bags to be CA Prop 65 Compliant

A leading commercial cold brew coffee equipment manufacturer needed to ensure that all components included with their equipment were California Proposition 65 compliant. FPC redesigned the strainer bag and the manufacturing process.

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FPC Improves Throughput of Coffee Brewing Process

A coffee and tea product manufacturer was using an older filter design that was slowing down the manufacturing process. FPC conducted on-site engineering analysis and redesigned the filter bags.

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FPC Designs Bags for CBD Oil Extraction Equipment OEM

A large CBD oil extraction equipment OEM needed custom strainer bag design expertise. FPC used an iterative process to design a bag that met the filtration performance design requirements.

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FPC Filter Bags Increase Cheese Line Productivity

A cheese plant’s bag filters were operating sub-optimally, clogging too soon, and slowing production. Filter Products Company designed a solution that increased line productivity and lowered operating costs.

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FPC Creates Cryogenic Filter Bag for Pinnacle Stainless

Pinnacle Stainless needed a hemp and cannabis strainer that could withstand the cryogenic environment of their process reactors, but the limitations of stainless steel mesh made it unsuitable. Filter Products Company delivered.

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FPC Engineers Aquarium Replacement Filter Bags

An aquarium turned to Filter Products Company to develop filter bags for their custom water filtration system. After a small number of low-risk iterations, the aquarium had a product they could confidently order in volume.

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View Mesh Size Conversion Chart

Mesh in mm Microns
No. 400 0.0015 0.037 37
No. 325 0.0017 0.044 44
No. 270 0.0021 0.053 53
No. 230 0.0025 0.063 63
No. 200 0.0029 0.074 74
No. 170 0.0035 0.088 88
No. 140 0.0041 0.105 105
No. 120 0.0049 0.125 105
No. 100 0.0059 0.149 149
No. 80 0.007 0.177 177
No. 70 0.0083 0.21 210
No. 60 0.0098 0.25 250
No. 50 0.0117 0.297 297
No. 45 0.0139 0.354 354
No. 40 0.0165 0.42 420
No. 35 0.0197 0.5 500
No. 30 0.0234 0.595 595
No. 25 0.0278 0.707 707
No. 20 0.0331 0.841 841
No. 18 0.0394 1 1000
No. 16 0.0469 1.19 1190
No. 14 0.0555 1.41 1410
No. 12 0.0661 1.68 1680
No. 10 0.0757 2 2000
No. 8 0.0937 2.38 2380
No. 7 0.111 2.83 2830
No. 6 0.132 3.36 3360
No. 5 0.157 4 4000
No. 4 0.187 4.76 4760
No. 3 1/2 0.223 5.66 5660
1/4 in. 0.25 6.35 6350
0.265 in. 0.265 6.73 6730
5/16 in. 0.312 8 8000
3/8 in. 0.375 9.51 9510
7/16 in. 0.438 11.2 11200
1/2 in. 0.5 12.7 12700

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Filter Bag Size Chart

Trade SizeDiameterLengthNotes
The most common sizes
Less Common Sizes