Vacuum Pump Lubricants

Compare our popular vacuum pump lubricants in the table below. We also have more varieties available on request.

ProductPart #ISOBase OilPurchasing
FPC VAC AV04650054X46Synthetic HydrocarbonBuy Now
FPC COMP H806850063X68PAO (H-1 Food Grade)Buy Now
FPC VAC DV10050057X100DiesterBuy Now
FPC VAC SV10050062X100Hydrotreated Mineral OilBuy Now
FPC VAC AV10050055X100PAOBuy Now
FPC VAC HV10050058X100PAO (H-1 Food Grade)Buy Now
FPC COMP H110050064X100PAO (H-1 Food Grade)Buy Now
FPC VAC MV10050059X100PetroleumBuy Now
FPC VAC MV15050060X150PetroleumBuy Now
FPC VAC AV22050056X220PAOBuy Now
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We have a comprehensive line of synthetic vacuum pump lubricants. Please contact us so that we can assist you in choosing the right one for your application.

FPC vacuum pump lubricants come in formulations designed to operate at high or low temperatures. Products are available featuring wear, corrosion, and rust resistance, and providing good water separation properties. Various formulations are available to meet the requirements specified by your original equipment manufacturer.

FPC Lubricants are proudly manufactured in the USA, under the strictest ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards.

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