Case Study

Essential Oil CBD Extraction

One of the largest CBD oil extraction centrifuge and Hydrocarbon extraction equipment manufacturing OEMs needed help designing a custom strainer bag for their equipment.

Customer Issue

The customer contacted Filter Products company because the offshore supplier they were working with could not provide the design expertise or the product lead times they needed in order to successfully launch their new product designs to the US market.


When Filter Products engineering team was brought up to speed by the customer’s design team, it was evident that the strainer bag they were testing:

  • Was not durable enough. The bags were breaking during handling by the manufacturing development team. A stronger material was needed.
  • Did not fit the centrifuge. Filter bag sizing is critical for centrifuge applications.

In addition, the supplier could only provide a bag to fit one centrifuge design while the customer was launching a product line with multiple size centrifuges.

Hydrocarbon extraction equipment

The issues with the extraction equipment design were similar.

  • Filter bag fitting was the main issue. The supplier was not able to hold the tolerances required to ensure a tight fit. Long lead times was another issue.

Filter Products Company Solution


Filter Products Company provided a filter bag that met the centrifuge vessel fit up and filtration performance design requirements, while also providing the durability needed. The new design incorporated an outer mechanical support layer to provide a stronger and longer life filter bag.  Also, Filter Products Company supplied filter bags in different sizes and capacities allowing the customer to consolidate their purchases with one supplier.

Hydrocarbon extraction equipment

The customer needed a precise fit. Filter Products Company sent four custom filter bag samples in ¼” size increments at one time. This approach allowed the customer to finalize the bag design quickly and get the product to market sooner.

Customer Result

Customer design for the centrifuge and the extraction equipment was finalized quickly. The Product is on the market and the customer has already come back to Filter Products Company to support future new product designs.

Services Used

Filter Products custom strainer bag design expertise, product testing, material sourcing, and new manufacturing process capability.