Compressed Air Elements

We carry the entire range of Donaldson DF Series Filter Elements. Use these for excellent Compressed Air Purification in a wide range of air, technical gas and tank ventilation filtration applications.

Elements are available in models that resist corrosion, resist high temperatures, and meet ISO standards.

The offering includes the B, V, M, S and A series of filters in a range of sizes. See the table below to determine which filter is the right choice for your application.

Donaldson has discontinued the P-series. We recommend using the V-series or the B-series instead, depending on your specific application. Please contact us for technical assistance with selecting the right filter.

TypeInitial Δp (psid) DryInitial Δp (psid) WetOil Aerosol Retention Rate (ISO 12500-1)Residual Oil ContentParticle Retention RateMediaO-Ring Material
BParticle Filter1.74NANANA99.98% at 25 μmSintered BronzeViton
VCoalescing Filter1.591.749699.9% at 5 μmPolyester
MUltraPleat Coalescing Filter1.092.0399.999.999% 0.01 μmBorosilicate
SUltraPleat Coalescing Filter1.452.6199.999.99999% at 0.01 μmBorosilicate
ACarbon Filter1.000NANA<0.003 ppmNAActivated Carbon


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