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Breathers and Desiccant

Des-Case hygroscopic breathers are unique, patented air filter and water vapor removal systems. They replace the standard breather or ventilation system on virtually all types of industrial equipment that contain hydrocarbons and other non-aqueous fluids. They also prevent contamination of products in storage and process tanks. Many other applications exist, including the reduction of pump down-time for vacuum chambers, adaption to air breathers for off-road vehicles, and more. Variants include heavy-duty, non-desiccant, and rebuildable varieties, as well as breathers with custom desiccant content.

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Extending Pump Life through Precision Lubrication
Keep Your New Oil Clean

Des-Case VentGuard desiccant breathers

Des-Case filter elements

Filter Elements

We offer multiple types of Des-Case filter elements. Wound cellulose depth filter elements and pleated synthetic filter elements match TC Series Filter Carts and T-Stands, as well as Des-Case High Pressure Filter Canisters. Spin-on filters match most Des-Case portable filter units, as well as Des-Case panel units.

Des-Case Depth Filter Elements are interchangeable with all industry standard size depth media filter elements. Contact us for assistance finding the correct equivalent for your current elements.

Visual Oil Analysis

Des-Case sight glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your space constraints and equipment type. Sight glasses are available with drain valves for draining water accumulation, breathers for controlling air quality, durable engineering, and enhanced visibility features.

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Visual Oil Analysis
Integrated Oil Analysis

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