Des-Case LT-LMS

LT-Series Lubricant Management System

Simple, stackable and easy storage meets solid contamination control practices in a unique design with our Des-Case LT-Series Lubricant Management System (LT-LMS). Dedicated filtration per container ensures no cross-contamination of fluids, while disposable desiccant breathers keep dirt and water out. These all-in-one systems are completely customizable; they offer various flow rates, container sizes, quick connect fittings, steel and HDPE tanks, and accessories. And even better yet, these systems are easy to use and install . . . simply plug it in!

Applications include storing, dispensing, and pre-filtering lubricant, as well as collecting oil samples for analysis.


  • Stackable steel & HDPE tanks in various sizes (45-gallon tank available in HDPE only)
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel stand
  • Desiccant breathers with adapter kits for tanks
  • Automatic pressure relief valve
  • Dedicated aluminum-and-steel pump per tank
  • Dedicated motor per tank
  • 12′ hose assemblies in clear PVC with steel wire, with various hose-end connections
  • Single-stage spin-on filtration with aluminum filter heads
  • Brass, and/or zinc plated steel fittings
  • Industrial powder-coated paint
  • One-year warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Operating temperatures – -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C)
  • Viscosity Range – Up to ISO VG 680 at 100°F/38°C (3000 ssu/ 648 cSt)
  • Filter indicators pop at 22 psid (1.55 bar) as warning that filter elements need to be replaced
  • Pump relief that opens at 65 psi (5.49 bar)

For recommendations on stacking configurations and spill containment pans, or for information on dimensions and weights, please download the data sheet below.

This equipment accepts Des-Case Spin-on Filter Elements as replacement cartridges.

Data Sheet

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