Des-Case Oil Sight Glasses

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Our Des-Case Oil Sight Glasses (OSG) include an innovative white bottom to dramatically increase the visibility of oil contaminants that harm equipment. The drain port configuration allows some models to drain water properly whether the sight glass is in a vertical or horizontal orientation. With the indication marks on the side of the bottle, you can quickly and easily monitor the rate of water accumulation. The OSG is available in multiple size and connection options, as well as in high-temperature variations. Contact us to include an optional magnetic drain valve to capture ferrous particles for analysis.

Data Sheet

Features and Options

  • 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ hex nipples
  • 1oz and 3oz sizes
  • Transparent polyamide construction
  • Large 16oz and 32oz sizes available in acrylic
  • Standard or high-temperature styles
  • Standard style 1oz and 3oz sizes can orient horizontally as well as vertically
  • Brass fittings (hex nipple and drain valve)
  • Contact us for stainless steel fittings or to include a magnetic drain valve for collecting ferrous material

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature range for standard OSG: -40˚F to 200˚F (-40˚C to 93˚C)
  • Temperature range for high-temperature OSG:
    • -40˚F to 450˚F (-40˚C to 232˚C) at 9 psi (0.62 bar)
    • -40˚F to 300˚F (-40˚C to 148˚C) at 65 psi (4.48 bar)
  • Maximum pressure: 65 psi (4.48 bar)
  • Chemically compatible with all gear and mineral oils and most synthetic oils

Solutions for Oil Inspection and Contamination Detection

Part NumberDescriptionLength (in/cm)Outside Diameter (in/cm)
DC-OSG1X2501 oz. X 1/4"3.0/7.621.72/4.37
DC-OSG1X3751 oz. X 3/8"3.0/7.621.72/4.37
DC-OSG1X5001 oz. X 1/2"3.0/7.621.72/4.37
DC-OSG3X2503 oz. X 1/4"3.15/8.02.50/6.35
DC-OSG3X3753 oz. X 3/8"3.15/6.352.50/6.35
DC-OSG3X5003 oz. X 1/2"3.15/6.352.50/6.35

Large Volume Acrylic OSGs

Part NumberDescription
DC-OSG16X50016 oz. X 1/2"
DC-OSG32X50032 oz. X 1/2"

High Temperature Oil Sight Glasses

Part NumberDescription
DC-OSG1X250HT1 oz. X 1/4" NPT High Temperature
DC-OSG1X375HT1 oz. X 3/8" NPT High Temperature
DC-OSG1X500HT1 oz. X 1/2" NPT High Temperature
DC-OSG3X250HT3 oz. X 1/4" NPT High Temperature
DC-OSG3X375HT3 oz. X 3/8" NPT High Temperature
DC-OSG3X500HT3 oz. X 1/2" NPT High Temperature

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Part Number

DC-OSG1X250, DC-OSG1X375, DC-OSG1X500, DC-OSG3X250, DC-OSG3X375, DC-OSG3X500, DC-OSG16X500, DC-OSG32X500, DC-OSG1X250HT, DC-OSG1X375HT, DC-OSG1X500HT, DC-OSG3X250HT, DC-OSG3X375HT, DC-OSG3X500HT