Kleen-Gard® Baffle Hood Filters

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Research Products Kleen-Gard Baffle Hood Filters play a key role in both kitchen ventilation and fire prevention. These filters remove grease from the air and drain it safely away, protecting HVAC blowers, prolonging motor life, and slowing oily film buildup that increases the risk of fire.

Product Specifications Spark Arrestor Filters

Ratings and Certifications

The operational range for these filters is 150-400 FPM (0.8 – 2.0 m/s), and they are UL 1046 certified for 94% average grease removal efficiency at their optimal face velocity of 300 FPM (1.5 m/s). They also meet NFPA 96 requirements when properly installed.


Kleen-Gard filters come in gleaming aluminum or stainless steel. They are attractive and easy to install, featuring all-in-one construction, built-in bottom hanging hooks, and optional snap-in handles for ease of use. You can also choose locking handles compliant with Maryland regulations. Cleaning and reusing the filters is also easy with hot water and dish soap.

Locking handles cannot be purchased online for some filter configurations. Please contact us for a quote on 10″ x 20″ filters with locking handles, or locking handles in combination with spark arrestors.

Spark Arrestors

If your kitchen contains a specialty or solid fuel application, such as a charcoal bar-b-que or wood-fired oven, it may create airborne sparks and embers. Combat this additional fire hazard using stainless steel filters with spark arrestor screens. Spark arrestors prevent hot embers from entering the baffle filter and igniting oily residue in your HVAC system, further increasing fire safety.

Spark arrestor baffle filters cannot be purchased online with locking handles or in 10″ x 20″ size, but please contact us for a quote if you need one of these configurations.

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