Multipure Filtration Unit

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Des-Case RMF Systems specially designed the MultiPure Filtration Unit for the filtration of hydraulic fluids in large reservoirs. The filtration unit comes as a one skid design, it combines 12 highly efficient Cellulose filter elements (60 HB) in a carbon steel housing. The robust steel pump with integrated safety guarantees a stable flow of the oil through the filter elements. The electric motor is compatible with most common electrical grids. The MultiPure is suitable for almost any industry and has an electric motor that is compatible with most common electrical grids.


  • Removes even the smallest contamination particles
  • Prevents high TAN values
  • Significantly prolongs service life of fluid and system
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Reduces cost of ownership


  • Steel Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Turbines
Weight±800 kg
Nominal flow50 l/min
Maximum viscosity
@ nominal flow rate
180 cSt (∆p=6,0 bar)
Max operating pressure16 bar
Pump safety valve15 bar
Bypass valve6 bar
Filter elements60HB
Element sealsNBR (Buna-N)
Maximum oil temperature80° C (contact RMF Systems for other temperatures)
Inlet connection1 1⁄2’’ SAE 3000 PSI (metric)
Outlet connectionG 1 1⁄4’’ BSPP
Power Supply230/400 VAC 50Hz / 3 Phase
255/460 VAC 60Hz / 3 Phase
200/346 VAC 50/60Hz / 3 Phase
Control boxOn/off, motor protection relais and 24VDC power supply for CMS and OQS unit.
Integrated double RS485 to USB converter for data transfer
Fluid CompatibilityH, HL, HLP, HVLP, HEES (for other fluids, please contact RMF Systems)

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