Pleated Replacement Industrial Liquid Filter Cartridges

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American Filtration Technologies

Filter Products Company is proud to offer high quality pleated replacement industrial filter elements for multiple applications and OEMs. We offer 40,000+ OEM cross-references so you can find the right replacement at a great value. We also provide custom filter manufacturing capability.

We offer replacement filters for Dollinger, Hydac, Hypro, Kaydan, Pall, Parker, PTI, Purolator, Refilco, Schroeder, Velcon and several other OEMs.


Product Lines and Applications:

Hydraulic Series – Dual-phase microglass media. Provides high flow rates and low pressure drop.

  • Applications: Designed for critical applications in turbine fuel, lube and hydraulic fluids and compressor lube and seal oil.

Pleated Paper Series – Pleated industrial grade cellulose based media for extended surface area providing cost effective dependable performance.

  • Applications: Filtering lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, cutting fluids, machining fluids, coolants, gear oil, solvents, gasoline, chemicals, synthetic lubricants, fire resistant hydraulic fluids , process fluids & refrigeration Compressor Lube Oil.

Synthetic & Micro Glass Series – Advanced multi layer micro-glass media provide high flow rates, low pressure drop, beta rated efficiencies, wide range of fluid compatibility & excellent stability for long term use in clean fluids.

  • Applications – turbine lube and hydraulic oils, compressor lube oil, synthetic lubricants, water glycols and petroleum based fluids.

Oil Separators & Compressor Lube Series – These filters are designed to remove harmful oil mist from compressed gasses such as ammonia, freon & natural gas and solid contaminants from compressor lube oil. Heavy duty construction and lock seamed spiral components provide unequaled collapse strengths.

  • Applications: High quality replacements for FRICK & VILTER lube oil filters and many other refrigerant compressor manufacturers

Water Absorbent Series – Multi-layer media consisting of dual particle removal media and a middle layer advanced super adsorbent sheet polymer for free water absorption. Shut-Off design creates a rapid increase in differential indicating the presence of free water. Water absorbent sheet polymer chemically bonds with free water, no downstream release.

  • Applications: Designed & made to handle demanding water and particulate filtration applications. Use with transformer dielectric oils, insulating oils, distillate fuels, phosphate ester fluids, and turbine lube and hydraulic oils.

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