Shelco High Flow Housings

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High Flow Single Cartridge Series

Shelco’s High Flow filter housings are designed for flow rates up to 500 gallons per minute in a single element configuration.
Data Sheet – High Flow Single Cartridge Series

High Flow Multi Cartridge Series

Shelco offers the multi-round configurations in 2 through 12 round, providing flows up to 3,500 GPM, in horizontal or vertical configurations. The horizontal design provides ease of operation and cartridge change-outs. High Flow housings also allow for a smaller footprint and greater flow rates over standard 2.5″ diameter cartridges.
Data Sheet – High Flow Multi-Cartridge Series

High Flow Eco Housings

Shelco’s High Flow Eco Housings are designed for residential, commercial and light industrial filtration needs at an economic price and an exceptional value. Their heavy-duty 304L or 316L stainless steel construction delivers maximum durability and corrosion resistance, while the V-band clamp closure provides for quick and easy cartridge change outs. High Flow Eco housings hold one high flow series element for fast and easy push / pull installation.
Data Sheet – High Flow Eco Housings

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