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Some rebuildable breathers can remain perfectly serviceable long after the manufacturer stops making them and their replacement bags. We provide replacement desiccant bags for obsolete Des-Case hygroscopic breathers. Get the full lifespan from your breather and maximize your return on your investment in equipment.

Products for Des-Case Rebuildable Breathers

Breather Data Sheet Case Study: Wolseley Desiccant Bags
Below are the Des-Case replacement bag styles we currently manufacture. If you do not see the replacement bag for your application, please contact us and inquire about the availability of other service kits.

BrandHousingOE Replacement Desiccant BagFPC Part #Qty. Req.
Des-CaseDC/CS4, DC/SS4DC-4D2011661
Des-CaseDC/CS6, DC/SS6DC-6D2011651
Des-CaseDC/CS10, DC/SS10DC-10D2001641
Des-CaseDC/CS20, DC/SS20DC-10D2001642
Des-CaseDC/CS30, DC/SS30DC-10D2001643

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