Maradyne TWF Series Weld Flanges

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Filter Products Company offers Maradyne TWF Series weld flanges for adding threaded pipe and hose connections to hydraulic fluid reservoirs. The design of these flanges offers minimal welding distortion, as well as a pilot to minimize installation fixturing. Our selection for sale online includes both NPT connections and SAE J1926/1 o-ring boss connections in virtually all Maradyne sizes. Contact us for TWF-14 flanges (1 3/16″-12), or to order any of these ORB or NPT flanges in 6061-T651 Aluminum or 316L Stainless Steel.

Technical Specifications

  • Low Carbon Steel with a Maximum CE (Carbon Equivalent) of 0.45

Part NumberPort SizeABCDE
TWF-121 1/16"-122.13"1.38"0.69"0.44"1.44"
TWF-161 5/16"-122.38"1.66"0.75"0.50"1.75"
TWF-201 5/8"-122.69"2.00"0.75"0.50"2.13"
TWF-241 7/8"-123.00"2.25"0.75"0.50"2.38"
TWF-322 1/2"-123.50"2.63"0.84"0.59"2.88"
TWF-48*3 3/8"-124.63"3.66"1.00"0.81"3.94"
TWF-4N1/4" NPT1.50"0.94"0.56"0.31"1.00"
TWF-6N3/8" NPT1.50"0.94"0.56"0.31"1.00"
TWF-8N1/2" NPT1.75"1.13"0.63"0.38"1.19"
TWF-12N3/4" NPT2.13"1.38"0.69"0.44"1.44"
TWF-16N1" NPT2.38"1.66"0.75"0.50"1.75"
TWF-20N1 1/4" NPT2.69"2.00"0.75"0.50"2.13"
TWF-24N1 1/2" NPT3.00"2.25"0.75"0.50"2.38"
TWF-32N2" NPT3.50"2.63"0.84"0.59"2.88"
TWF-48N3" NPT4.63"3.66"1.00"0.81"3.94"
*TWF-48 ORB weld flange is compatible with Maradyne TMSS, TMST, TMSB, and TMSF strainers, but not with SAE J1926/1 for -48 size.

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