Replacement Bags for Cannabis Extraction Columns

FPC is pleased to offer replacement filter bags for most styles and brands of cannabis extraction column systems, including APEKS and ExtractionTek.

  • APEKS – The FPC manufactured biomass extraction bags are a suitable replacement for the APEKS OEM extraction bags used in subcritical and supercritical CO2 botanicals extractions. We will customize the micron rating based on the equipment in use- the Bambino, the Transformer, the Duplex, the Force and the Fleet.
  • ExtractionTek – We make replacement bags for the OEM extraction bags used in hydrocarbon (ethanol, propane and butane) extraction equipment manufactured by ExtractionTek.


A Filter Products Company technical representative will guide you through the process of determining the right replacement extraction bag. Our replacement bags provide equivalent or better filtration performance at a lower price and shorter lead-time compared to OEM products, resulting in greater value for your facility.

Please contact us and specify the extraction equipment you are currently using.