Shelco High Flow Cartridge Filters – HFC Series

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Shelco’s High Flow filter cartridges are designed for flow rates up to 500 gallons per minute in a single element configuration. The large, single-cartridge pleated High Flow filters provide up to 100 square feet of surface area for increased dirt-holding capacity (and reduced long-term filter costs). Shelco’s High Flow cartridges are thermally bonded and made from multi-layers of FDA-compliant polypropylene microfiber. The inside-out flow retains contaminants during change-outs and the cartridges are offered in micron ratings from .5 – 100 micron.

Shelco’s High Flow Eco Cartridges are designed for residential, commercial and light industrial filtration at an economic price and an exceptional value. These all polypropylene construction filters (a heavy-duty cage replaces the costly stainless steel support basket) offer 98% retention ratings from .5 to 70 microns.

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Ordering Guide - Shelco High Flow Cartridge Filters - HFC Series

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