Hilco Oil Mist Eliminators

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HILCO Filtration

Industry Applications

  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Mid-Stream Gas Facilities
  • Pipeline Distribution Systems
  • Natural Gas Extraction Sites
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Foundries
  • Marine Cargo Engines
  • Stationary Engines
  • Pulp & Paper Mills

Standard Oil Mist Eliminators

Below is an overview of the standard Hilco Oil Mist Eliminators. When necessary, custom oil mist elimination systems can be developed.

Static Oil Mist Eliminator

Hilco Static Oil Mist Eliminators (without an integral blower and airflow balancing manifold) are appropriate for equipment that can accommodate modest backpressure on the oil system. The standard configuration is designed for system ventilation flow rates of up to 50 cfm. The drawing for the static VME is below.

Blower Assisted Oil Mist Eliminators

Hilco Blower-Assisted Oil Mist Eliminators are designed around the same coalescing technology as the static vent mist eliminators and incorporate a high-flow electric blower and a balanced airflow manifold for installation on oil systems that are intolerant of back pressure. For example, the crankcase of a reciprocating piston engine.

These units can be configured so that the ventilated chamber remains at atmospheric pressure, or has a vacuum drawn on the chamber. Blower assisted vent mist eliminators are available in two standard sizes (38 cfm and 80 cfm). Drawings for these units are below.

Application Specific Oil Mist Eliminators

Hilliard Corporation has developed a family of large-format oil mist eliminators for the lube oil reservoir of the General Electric LM-Series and Frame 7 gas turbines. Application specific information is available below.

Service Filter Elements

Hilco offers a wide variety of replacement filter elements for vent and oil mist eliminator equipment. Details for specific equipment can be found below.

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