Pall – FSI Filter Bag Replacements

Effective the fourth quarter of 2020 Pall Corporation has discontinued many of the Pall Filtration and FSI (Filtration Specialist, Inc) bag filter housings, consumable filter bags and filter cartridges.

The press release is available here.

Filter Products Company, in conjunction with our partner manufacturers, are ready to help you keep your existing Pall and FSI equipment online by continuing to provide replacement filter bags and elements for this equipment.

The table below outlines the Pall FSI product and the equivalent FPC replacement parts. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific application.

Product FamilyPall FSI ProductFPC Replacement
Felt Filter BagsPONG / PENGStandard felt liquid filter bags, POG & PES
POEX / PEEXDouble layer felt liquid bags, POG & PES
BHTStandard felt liquid filter bag, NOMEX (common name = aramid)
Microfiber Filter BagsPOMFHigh efficiency microfiber liquid filter bags
Seamless BagsBOSBOSA
Mesh Filter BagsNMOStandard mesh liquid filter bags; NMO
PEMStandard mesh liquid filter bags; PEMU
PMOStandard mesh liquid filter bags; POMO
CartridgesVOREX (CMMF)Melt-blown coreless; MB

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