Elements for Dollinger Mist Eliminators

FPC offers high quality Hilco replacement filter elements for Dollinger vent and oil mist eliminator equipment. The cross-reference table below covers most in-stock applications, and our team of experts can assist with other applications or technical questions. Please contact us for a quote.

Data Sheet

Dollinger ElementHilco ElementFor Use In:
95-276DM 1724-00-CWestinghouse 501G Lube Oil Extractor
95-155DM 1212-00-CDollinger Mist Eliminator
OE-158B-60 (60 CFM)
95-154DM 1222-00-CDollinger Mist Eliminator
OE-158B-125 (125 CFM)
95-255DM 2136-00-CEPDollinger Mist Eliminator
OE-258-500 & RB-211 Engines

95-137,3001866, 3507605DM 2136-00-CDollinger Mist Eliminator
OE-158B-500 (500 CFM)

95-151DM-2122-00-CDollinger Mist Eliminator
OE-158B-300 (300 CFM)

95-121, 3001849, 3507603DM 1228-00-CDollinger Mist Eliminator
OE-158B-200 (200 CFM)
OE-158B-1000 (1000 CFM) Requires (5)
OE-158B-1500 (1500 CFM) Requires (8)
95-117DM 1110-00-C
DM 1120-00-C
LM 6000 Mist Eliminator
Requires (2)
LM 6000 Mist Eliminator
Requires (1)
3508094, 3507327DM 1436-00-C

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