Des Case TDB Series Breathers

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The Des-Case TDB series is equipped to function in the harshest environments. It is fully serviceable, provides high dirt holding capacity, and includes an integrated anti-splash device to prevent oil from reaching the desiccant. Three models available.


  • Mobile and Off Road Equipment
  • Hydraulics
  • Nautical Applications
  • Truck Differentials

Data Sheet

Product Code93 Series96 Series121 Series
Temperature Range>-40 ̊F to 194 ̊F (-40 ̊C to 90 ̊C)
Filter Efficiency3 μm absolute ( ß3 ≥ 200)
Adsorption MaterialZR Gel 3-6 mm
ZR Gel Volume300 cc600 cc1000 cc
Amount of Desiccant.5 lbs (230 g)1 lbs (460 g)1.7 lbs (770 g)
Water Adsorption Capacity
(Maximum Water Retention)
2.8 fl. oz (86 ml)5.5 fl. oz (172 ml)9.3 fl. oz (288 ml)
Color IndicationRed to Yellow
Check Valve Cracking Pressure
(For order codes ending in “V”)
.15 psi (.01 bar)
2Application Sizing Recommendations
Max. Airflow at ΔP 1 psi
[.07 bar] without Check Valves
24.7 cfm (700 l/min)24.7 cfm (700 l/min)53.0 cfm (1500 l/min)
Max. Airflow at ΔP 1 psi
[.07 bar] with Check Valves
10.6 cfm (300 l/min)10.6 cfm (300 l/min)14.1 cfm (400 l/min)

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