Des-Case Color Assist Breather

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The Des-Case High Capacity Breather with new Color Assist Technology is the longest lasting breather on the market. Proprietary Color Assist Technology coupled with the high-capacity desiccant delivers 30% more life. The enhanced color indicator offers improved in-use visibility and accurately gauges remaining life.

Typical Applications:

  • Hydraulics
  • Storage Tanks
  • Wind Turbines
  • Large Gearboxes
  • Remote Applications

Typical Industries:

  • Wind Energy
  • Storage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing

Data SheetUser Manual

Product CodeDC-CHC-EX-4
Temperature Range-20 ̊ F to 200 ̊ F (-29 ̊C to 93 ̊ C)
Filter Efficiency3 μm absolute
Check Valve Cracking Pressure.1 psi (.007 bar)
Volume of Dessicant140 in3 (2300 cc)
Color IndicationBlue to Pink COLORASSIST™
Application Sizing Recommendations
Max. Airflow at ΔP 1 psi [.07 bar]24 cfm (680 l/min)
Max Reservoir Fluid Flow or Displacement at ΔP 1 psi [.07 bar]180 gpm (680 l/min)
Gearbox, Pump & Storage Tank1000 gal (3785 L)
Hydraulic & Central Lube Reservoir400 gal (1514 L)

Breather Performance

Des-Case CHC Breather Performance


Des-Case CHC Airflow


Des-Case CHC - Dimensions

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DC-CHC-EX-4 (Single Unit), DC-CHC-EX-4 (Pack of 6)