Maradyne FPE Spin-on Filters

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Maradyne FPE Spin-on Filters are compatible with our Maradyne spin-on filter heads. We offer ratings from 100 micron mesh down to 3 micron cellulose cartridges. Choose from media including cellulose, microglass, and wire mesh, with water removal media also available. The various element lengths correspond to media surface areas.

Part Number (text)Matches HeadsNominal RatingLengthMedia
FPE15-10N15 Series, 16 Series10 microns3.3"Cellulose
FPE30-03G30 Series3 microns5"Microglass
FPE30-03N30 Series3 microns5"Cellulose
FPE30-10G (Marion S-28-MG)30 Series10 microns5"Microglass
FPE30-10N (Marion S-28)30 Series10 microns5"Cellulose
FPE30-25N (Marion S-29)30 Series25 microns5"Cellulose
FPE30-100M30 Series100 microns5"Wire Mesh
FPE40-10N30 Series10 microns9"Cellulose
FPE50-03N50 Series, 100 Series3 microns7"Cellulose
FPE50-10G (Marion S-58-MG)50 Series, 100 Series10 microns7"Microglass
FPE50-10N (Marion S-58)50 Series, 100 Series10 microns7"Cellulose
FPE50-25N (Marion S-59)50 Series, 100 Series25 microns7"Cellulose
FPE50-100M50 Series, 100 Series100 microns7"Wire Mesh
FPE70-03G50 Series, 100 Series3 microns11"Microglass
FPE70-03N50 Series, 100 Series3 microns11"Cellulose
FPE70-10G (Marion S-58-MGE)50 Series, 100 Series10 microns11"Microglass
FPE70-10N (Marion S-58-E)50 Series, 100 Series10 microns11"Cellulose
FPE70-10W50 Series, 100 Series10 microns11"Water Removal
FPE70-25N (Marion S-59-E)50 Series, 100 Series25 microns11"Cellulose
FPE70-100M50 Series, 100 Series100 microns11"Wire Mesh
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