Designed especially for ozonated water applications, the Osmonics® Flotrex-HR (FHR) filter is ideal for pharmaceutical and beverage applications utilizing this water treatment technology. This pleated cartridge filter features 100% Halar* construction.

Our FHR filters can withstand the harshest processing conditions due to this virtually indestructible material. Providing broad chemical compatibility and bulletproof reliability, you can count on our filters to produce consistent, uniform process streams in your filtration applications.

FHR filters deliver high flow rates and high-purity results with absolute efficiencies and cutoff characteristics that outperform the industry’s best polypropylene filters.

FHR filters are made entirely from Halar* (ECTFE), an industrial-grade fluoropolymer with excellent solvent resis- tance.

The FHR filter is just one example of our strong commit- ment to fluid treatment. Our complete portfolio includes filters for every stage of processing, and we offer custom solutions for your unique applications. Osmonics is your complete source for filters, housings, and other filtration equipment.

Whether you require an integrated solution or a single component for a specific application, look to Osmonics first. From one end of the filtration spectrum to the other, Osmonics has a total commitment to fluid purity.


  • Unique all-Halar fluoropolymer construction for core, cage, caps, support materials and media
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Ideal for ozone and oxidizing chemicals
  • Ozone tolerant for 9000 ppm•hr with no extractables
  • High surface area
  • High solids holding capacity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Economical alternative to PFA and PTFE filters