(0.2, 0.45, AND 0.65µm ABSOLUTE RATINGS)

Memtrex-MP-B (MMP-B) filters are specifically designed for the beverage industry. Constructed with a polypropylene microfiber prefiltration layer and combined with a unique modified asymmetric polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, these filters offer extremely low protein-binding characteristics with high throughput. All materials used to make MMP-B filters are FDA-acceptable.

MMP-B filters offer new modified PES membrane especial- ly designed for beverage (B) grade applications. With Osmonics’ new and unique asymmetric membrane con- struction and prefiltration layer, the critical low protein- binding, high flow rates and high throughput are met every- day with these filters. MMP-B filters also provide removal of cysts, bacteria, mold and serve as reliable microbiologi- cal control. MMP-B filters provide removal of cysts, bacte- ria, and mold and serve as reliable microbiological control. Plus, every filter is 100% integrity tested. As industry stan- dards rise and new precautions are taken to ensure water purity, you can rely on the Osmonics MMP-B filter to pro- vide clean water for all beverage applications—bottled water, beer, wine, liquor, children’s soft drinks, and institu- tional fountain drinks.

Osmonics now offers exceptional cleanability with MMP-B filters and can provide cleaning routines, advice on clean- ers, and final filtration design for your beverage processes.

The Memtrex-MP-B filter is just one example of our strong commitment to the beverage industry. Our complete portfolio includes filters for every stage of processing, and we offer custom solutions for your unique applications. Osmonics is your complete source for fil- ters, housings, and other filtration equip- ment.

Whether you require an integrated solution or a single component for a specific application, look to Osmonics first. From one end of the filtration spectrum to the other, Osmonics has a total commitment to fluid purity.


  • New modified polyethersulfone membrane
  • Unique asymmetric membrane construction with prefiltration layer
  • Cleanable
  • Low protein-binding
  • High flow rates and high throughput
  • Removal of cysts, bacteria, mold and reliable microbiological control
  • 100% rinsed and integrity tested