Memtrex-NY (MNY) filters are uniquely constructed for enhanced reliability and usefulness. Polyester endcaps and support layers are used to ensure and maintain cartridge integrity. Serial layer membrane design, with a prefilter membrane layer over a final membrane layer, significantly enhances cartridge life.

Use of high-purity materials, including the inherently hydrophilic nylon 66 membrane and thermal weld techniques, ensures cartridge cleanliness. Cartridges are 100% rinsed and integrity tested during manufacture for uncompromised reliability and consistency. MNY filters are suitable for a broad range of applications, meeting world- wide demand for functionality in chemical, beverage and water processing.

End user markets for nylon 66 membranes from Suez Water Technologies are the broadest of all from final to prefiltration, from harsh chemicals to DI water, from strong solvents to pharmaceutical high-purity water, from cosmetics to photoresists. Suez Water Technologies is committed to leadership in nylon 66 mem- brane technology and the MNY filter is a good example.

Our complete portfolio includes filters for every stage of processing, and we offer custom solutions for your unique applications. Suez Water Technologies is your complete source for filters, housings and other filtration equipment.

Whether you require an integrated solution or a single component for a specific application, look to Suez Water Technologies first. From one end of the filtration spectrum to the other, Suez Water Technologies has a total commitment to fluid purity.